Before you dive in, read this.


Morning reminder that everyone is in pain SOMEWHERE in their life, and we are all more alike than different, underneath it all.

Most of us are trying to hide it, because we’ve been taught that showing it means we are weak, which means death to the caveman brain in all of us. It terrifies most of us to show it, so we live a life pretending.

The more you try to hide it, the more I see it. This is my super power. My gift. There are many of us who can see it, out there.

Just because I can see it in you, doesn’t mean I can take it away. I can ease it temporarily by it by showing you I see it, but it’s deep inside you and only you can relieve it when you feel SAFE to do so.

And so far there has been no true safe place to show it. The pain. Not in relationship or in our work, even a lot of times, in our families.

In our friendships a little but our friends have pain too, so we can’t fully release our pain on the table. Like spilling out the contents of two purses at the same time. Too much to look at. To decipher between. We’re grateful for our friendships because they temporarily relieve the pressure of all that we’re carrying. Thankful for the short lived relief.

It spills out sometimes… in traffic, at dinnertime, at church, but we push it back in.

We are “allowed” to show it during big events, births and deaths are two of the biggest times. Weddings for sure.

But then we push it back in.

So we walk around in pain, pretending not to be just cause if we start to show it, we feel we’ll never function or survive in the “real” world.

This is truly about survival.

Life or death in our primitive minds. *You remember we’re animals too, yes? Mammals? This is innate within us. .


Thankful for our intellect and consciousness that we can do all we do, and make all this in our world happen. That said…

When we begin to see that no matter if it’s the richest person in the world, Oprah or the President, to the woman living on the street, or across the street. .

We’re all in pain. 

We’ve all got our problems.

We’re all pretending we’re not, a lot of the time, to make it to the end of the day.




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