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Hi Everybody! How are you today? REALLY?

Why not dive into this beautiful website by kicking off the subject that I feel SO CALLED to teach.
It’s the core of all that I have learned and a topic that I still have yet to completely conquer.
I do this in small ways but the BIG ONE… well I’m still staring up at it.

I have been feeling pulled.. obsessed almost to share something because I know there are so many of us (perhaps you reading this right now) that are simply too afraid to DO what it takes to get over the huge wall of fear that is the only thing stopping us from all the THINGS that we want. (including me) All the things we see others have. The place we want to be at in our lives.

We’re afraid.

We can journal, meditate, talk and act AS IF we have gone ‘all the way in’ till the cows come home… but UNTIL you’re ready to face your biggest fears… it’s like you’re on one side of a wall and everything *and everyone who appears to have everything you’ve ever wanted* is on the other.

Like winning the LOTTERY. Right? The OTHER side.

You can daydream what the other side looks like and feels like but until you climb up that wall.. it’ll just be a daydream.

*NO SHAME. Everyone is where they are until they’re ready.

I know it’s perhaps too scary to believe what would happen or who we would disappoint with our success (yes.. probably our closest family are expecting us to fail, why let them down?)

YES. There is a fuck it/all in/ GO GO GO! mentality that is involved with climbing that wall (read: taking action) but UNTIL we’re really ready to say goodbye to what we currently have (the good and the bad things)… we’re not going to do it.

We’re just not.

And that is what, I can feel, frustrates the EVER LOVING SHIT out of those on the other side of the wall. I can see how, once you go up that wall, face your biggest fears.. and get to the other side… it gets SO EASY, MAGICAL EVEN to make shit happen.. THE SPEED, the INSTANTANEOUSNESS OF IT ALL…. but that initial climb…

Well, Fuck. Scary.

For those of us on this side of the wall.. we spend a lot of time daydreaming what it’s like over there.

So I thought.. why not start to daydream something that we EASILY could see happen… (WINNING THE LOTTERY because we wouldn’t have to go up any wall, it would just be handed to us which.. (at this point) is SAFE for us to think..) and let that energy surround us so when we are finally ready to climb… we’ll already be INFUSED with how it feels to BE IN THAT PLACE.

To BE on the other side.

SO… want to play with me?

~~~SPEND 15 MINUTES TODAY DAYDREAMING OF WHAT YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY TODAY. WHAT WOULD YOU DO FIRST? WHO WOULD YOU SAY FUCK YOU TO FIRST? WHO WOULD YOU TELL FIRST? What would your long term vision for that money be? Would you blow a chunk right away or strategically dole it out over time?~~~

FEEL IT in your bones.
Let it excite you, turn you on *hey, get off on it if you gotta*
Just for this time EMBODY that scenario… drink it in.

You’re fear is mostly what OTHER people will think.
What your mom and dad will think… your co-workers at your current 9-5, the person who told you that one time that you’ll never amount to anything.

We’ve got to challenge the belief that we’re CRAZY to go over that wall.To get to the other side. That is the FUCK IT moment we’re all terrified of. The gaslighting of it all.

That’s what’s stopping you.

It’s what’s stopping me. *No shame. I can own it. Fuck it. THIS is me going up the wall. Right. Now. *cheers for myself*

Winning the lottery would not involve having to challenge that belief that we’re crazy. It would probably be seen as a MIRACLE. TA DA! I present you with a big ass check for 12 million dollars. You didn’t have to do much or anything at all! Laying in your lap. No one would question your motives. You would be SAFE. FEEL SAFE.

End result is the same.. Abundance.
But the way to it is very different.

Let’s try to short wire the fear by giving us permission to daydream. To get into the end result. Most of us believe that we can manifest what we think… but we don’t want to face what it involves. Because we’re terrified of what will have to let go of. WHO will let go of us.

It’s fear of abandonment basically.

The magic begins WHEN we begin to climb the wall.
To take action.
To face our fears.
To say goodbye of what and to whom we feel limit us.

So until we’re ready to do so (and if you’re here you know you’re already on the path to doing it) let’s daydream what it’s going to be like when we do.

You’re CALL TO ACTION is let me know the first thing you’ll do when you win the lottery. FIRST THING.

*And to those who are already over the wall.. what was one of the FIRST THINGS you envisioned you would receive/do WHEN you got over that wall THAT YOU’VE ALREADY ACHIEVED.

Thank you for your time and energy.

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