Hey there..How are ya? I want to tell you something.
*Yes you.

You know, there are SO MANY VOICES in our world.
In this Facebook world.
Telling us what to do,
how to do it.
How to find it,
How to cut it out,
How to start it,
*Yes, even me here in Kerilynland.*

It’s frankly SO overwhelming. Am I right?
There are so many people, sharing so many different things.
24 hours a day. All you have to do if open Facebook and you’ll see so many people sharing/selling and VOICING that it can leave our heads spinning.

Even for me.

Recently, I have found myself a bit lost….

I was introduced to someone recently who does NOT speak my language at all.
Her voice revolves around finance/business.
How everything we do boils down to making money.
She shares many examples of how she’s making money.

From the moment I met her, her voice didn’t resonate.
But I got wrapped up in HER voice, considering maybe she was onto something I hadn’t learned yet…
that for a while I lost my own.

Because I had been paying attention to the voice that is NOT mine.
Tell me how to do it.
How it works for her.
And then here.. buy this.

I started to get frustrated, and I didn’t know why.
Why am I getting frustrated with HER VOICE?
Being the DEEP person I am…
I wanted to find out WHY.
WHY does her voice, which doesn’t resonate with me…
intrigue me.

So I start to focus MORE on her voice…
How she does it, than on what my own voice is saying.

*We Searchers know that we sometimes are SO intrigued, so obsessed by the WHY, that we can get carried away.

We get lost down the rabbit hole of WHY and it throws us off track.

Sometimes WAY off track.

*I know it’s not just me.

Then I met someone who NEEDED MY VOICE.
A person who wants to be SEEN,
Who is DEEP.
Who is comfortable talking about their fears..
*yes, even money.

And I snapped out of it,
Listening to this other woman’s voice when this new someone said

“I need you.”

It hit me.
She needed ME.
The voice I HAVE.
Not this other voice that didn’t resonate.

I was quiet for way too long focusing on what someone else’s voice was saying.

And here I am… sharing my own voice
(again, whew.. I missed my voice) on a topic that happens a lot.

SHARE what comes from your voice.

I want to say it’s cool WHEN we discover someone elses voice, whether they REALLY vibe with us or they don’t at all.

But It’s YOUR OWN voice that we need to hear.
Not some auto tuned voice with a little bit of someone elses mixed in.
Or not your voice at all.
We want.. we need to hear YOU.

WHEN you meet someone who speaks a different language, in a different voice…


I’m going to say that again…


We are sponges for LIFE and we soak up what we see around us, what spills into our experience.
We need to remove whatever is weighing us down from hearing our OWN voice.

Because when we remember our own voice.
The people who we need.
Who need us.

Line up at the door.
To support us.
To wait for support.
And that’s when the magic happens.

Keep learning, Searchers.


If you have a similar voice and want to work on something in a SAFE PLACE… consider joining THE SAFE PLACE INITIATIVE with your fellow Searchers. We need to feel safe online. Especially around the deep work.

The Safe Place Initiative is where we are actively doing that now.

Click the link for more details!


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