{UNRAVEL} I’m willing to guess you’re probably among the many of us who FEEL something changing inside. In our world, our lives, and in our homes. What has been kept manageably under control is starting to unravel, and it’s making us both extremely uncomfortable and also like we’ve learned the biggest secret of our lives.

This is one of those secrets that The Universe/God, ourselves … want us to relearn.


We’ve been force fed a lie to keep us under control. And It’s worked well for a LONG FUCKING TIME.

We are wizards, yielding a wand but we have been taught that we are only the mere spectator. Lately we have been seeing the LIE and it’s making us restless. I know it has been me. We can no longer deny it. If you’ve read this far, you are ready to stop writhing around and GRAB YOUR WAND!!

This is the first lesson that needs reshaping, dear wizard.


All of it.
The house, the man/woman.
The job.
The savings account.
The cocktail parties.
The new car.
The time spent relaxing.
The peace in the world.
The healthy babies.

Cause only then will you just BEGIN to see it.

Cant you feel the lie though?
How “irresponsible” that is of us?
How we need to be “practical?”
We’ve been force fed, “People in China/Africa/You name it… have been starving and you say you want X??”


It’s all to keep is playing small.
To keep us in debt.
To keep us hungry.

And well… I’m over it.
(And I pray I’m not bullshitting myself like I have in the past)
I’m ready to spend ALL MY TIME seeing it,
even if that means cutting out those who don’t want to.
Who tell me I’m selfish….
To stop dreaming and get REAL.

But what’s REAL?
Do you measure REAL by how happy you are or by how miserable?


I’ve been in the in between.
In between believing the lie,
In fear, frozen. In the confusion because SOMETHING doesn’t feel right but I’ve been too scared to put my finger on it because that will mean I will need to change.
And in the place where I FUCKING do something about it.
Put my money, mindset… my life, where my mouth is. Where my action is.
And I’ve just been too afraid of who I’ll lose if I do so.
I’ve been too afraid of who will abandon me because I no longer want to believe it’s what I see, that I’ll believe.
Because I’ve believed it so long, a part of me feels I’ll be “in trouble” if I don’t obey.
That I’ll lose the majority of those who aren’t ready to resist the lie.


That’s what I’ve been playing with…
Abandonment… or freedom.
Yes… it sounds extreme, but if I want
WEALTH, I’ve got to cut out all mindset that there’s never enough.
And how many people believe that there’s never enough????
How many are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make whatever they want happen?

Up to now, not me.
Up to now I’ve been more bark than bite.

Bark <——–> Bite

Somewhere In between.

And here I am, 42 and in the SAME FUCKING PLACE I was at 26 with regards to my career, my wealth… only taking bites out of what I SEE…. and then whining when it didn’t happen.


It’s time to take more bites (more action) from what I BELIEVE than just barking.

Time to spend more time SEEING….
More time BITING.
More time saying the things that scare us the MOST… (Abandonment? Failure? Public Ridicule?) in order to pull out the LIES from the root.

Because how long are you going to stay in this in between place?

How long will you live from what you SEE?


CONFESSION is coming this week but on the heels of this post let me ask you…

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU FEEL TREMENDOUS GUILT OVER? What is something you’ve “done” but never felt like you could forgive yourself for it?

Think about it… *Or if your extra brave, comment below or message me privately.

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