It’s time. You feel it. The pain is getting more intense. The anxiety. The depression. The resentment. The overeating. The fighting. The yelling. The staying quiet, feeling like you don’t have a voice, any power.


For those of you who are meant to resonate with this message, the volume dial on the worlds energy has been turned up and it’s time we stop wasting time doing the things we feel in our hearts.

Can you feel it?
*I know you do.

You know what it is. You’ve been probably thinking about it most of your life. The Vision… the daydream.

Maybe you take steps toward it.
Maybe you’ve seen some success.

But the BIG DREAM is just too scary to surface.

There’s always that one thing… that is just too scary to say.


Up to now you’ve found a way to stay where you are.
But again… the pain is increasing.
And we don’t have any more time to waste.

SO… if you want it… here’s what you gotta do.

*And for the record, I’m not perfect, I’m not an expert, I’m doing this work RIGHT NOW with you, I’m not SPECIAL. I’m just OVER keeping quiet because I’m worried what YOU (and the voice of my dad) will think.

Enough Dilly Dallying for us ALL.

1. Think about the thing that you want that scares you the most.
2. Why do you THINK you can’t have it? (What’s stopping you?)
3. Whose voice are you listening to, that tells you you can’t have it? (Ex: Is it your dad/priest/brother/God telling you you can’t have it) – Going to say it.. 99{39c06c50c3d445686fc517e0196064c65620ea69bd5ebb6ed38a073dc1e70ff8} of the time it’s your parents. Who raised you.

It’s not YOU who is telling you you can’t have it.
It’s the voice of whomever you’ve BELIEVED up to now.

When you REALLY want to get unstuck.

You’re going to have to FACE the voice who told you you can’t

BE it
DO it

(because most likely it will make THEM uncomfortable if you do)

and learn to say…

*I highly recommend writing a letter to them (that you will never send) it helps to write it out
so that you can see it coming out of you.

THANK YOU for keeping me safe in your mind,
but if I keep listening to you.. I’ll never have what I really want.

And well, the pain of not having it is becoming too great.

It’s time I say thank you and I RELEASE MYSELF from thinking
I’m bad
I’m wrong
I’m selfish
I’m irresponsible

if I do it.
for going for it.

THANK YOU for being a contrast in my life.
For reminding me, by being EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE
what and who I want in my life.

OF COURSE, I don’t want to let you down,
But it’s becoming more clear that If I keep worrying about letting you down, I’ll never make what’s burning inside me happen.

So I have to LET GO of worrying that I’ll let you down.
If I’m happy,
If I’m rich,
If I’m free *of the confines of a 9-5 job*

*Just because you never felt or experiences those things for yourself.

I’m over wasting time.
I have big things to do.
Big things to say.
It’s time to make this happen SO…

I RELEASE MYSELF from believing your concerned for me anymore.
I FORGIVE MYSELF for thinking I will be a bad girl/boy for not doing what you want.
I SURRENDER worrying that you’ll be mad at me if I don’t OBEY.

*I just have believed that you have, up to now.

I have believed what you will have me do up to now.
But now it’s time for me to step up to the plate..
EVEN IF you don’t like it.
EVEN IF you don’t agree.
EVEN IF you don’t support me.

It’s time.

I highly recommend you search for whose voice you’re really listening to when you think about doing something daring.
And find a way say Thank you but no more.

How does this feel for you? Let me know in the comments below!

And… if you’re ready (really ready) to get help with this.
Someone to be a sounding board to listen to you say NO to the voice you’ve been listening to for SO long.

Someone who you will feel safe with.
Who you can put your bags down with.
Your dukes down.

Maybe the person who you are looking to say this to is watching you on Facebook and you need a
SAFE PLACE to do this deeper work,
to SHARE your healing,
Your inner work.


A group of souls doing the inner work…
the HARD work.
In a place where they can feel safe to do so,
without the pressures of feeling judged,
Or that they’re not working hard enough.



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