Who Are You?


I love that question and I’m happy to share the answer!
SO…If we are meant to work together… Who are you? 


SIMPLY… YOU ARE ME. *Isn’t this fun?*

You are a dreamer. You hear the voice calling you. (Maybe even literally a voice and probably since you were little.) *I will want to hear about when you started to hear said voice.

You are more OPEN than closed, emotionally, energetically, and usually feels like you’re an odd bird in the world.

You are not afraid of being vulnerable. You have been called OUT THERE, INTENSE, OVER THE TOP and while yes, it stings at times to hear that, you also know it’s one of your best qualities.  You typically make people feel uncomfortable with your ALL CARDS DOWN approach but you have also had moments where being you… has helped others feel safe to be who they are.

You have a natural tendency to question authority. *I mean.. WHY do as you say when I SEE you doing the OPPOSITE?*

You are sensitive. An HSP even.  Nothing to do with an introvert/extrovert. You know you need downtime in order to decompress. Feel “normal”. *Even though your family might think it makes you odd. *Need to know if this is you.. do the self test here.

You are highly triggered by bullying or being shamed at any level.  You probably have some unresolved shame/bullying/codependent tendencies of your own that still need to be worked out because of your upbringing (awesome! I do too!) , but recognize it and also can see it as a gift.

You CAN’T STAND the whole “Well, it could be worse” mantra that most of the world has accepted as a reason why you shouldn’t take a risk. You cringe at hearing it and want to scream… “Yea?? But it could ALWAYS BE BETTER!!”  *I acknowledge “It could be worse” IS useful when needing reduce panic. It’s a tool. Not a way of life.

You struggle with what the world calls FUN or HAPPY. Being alone, reading a book, talking with a girlfriend or going for a walk is what is FUN for you and yet somehow you can’t get some people in your life to GET THAT. Sometimes you think there is something wrong with you that you don’t enjoy going to bars, getting shit faced and talking about the weather, but deep down you know it’s just not your bag.

You, too, are a student AND a teacher *although owning that your a teacher might not YET be comfortable.

You can see there are areas of your life that you can’t seem to move forward on – you keep trying and find yourself in the same place, over and over – this keeps you up at night because you don’t know HOW to make it happen, but are DESPERATE to find a way to do so.

Bonus if you also are a potty mouth and a chatty Cathy! SCORE for me!

You’re in the right place! Welcome to Kerilyn Land! My space to teach, to learn to share and grow.

NEXT STEP… figure out how we might work together (many ways here in Kerilynland) and let’s DIVE IN!



I really want to know. What are you TRULY afraid of?

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