Freedive Sessions

Okay… so you’re deep. You know you’re deep. (THIS IS KEY) It is what other people love and hate about you. You talk about the deep stuff, your fears, what stops you, what stops everyone else… and you never get tired of it. (Even though some¬†people in your life wish you would)¬†You have a natural disconnect from anyone who wants to talk about their investment in their favorite sports team, or political representative or the obsession around how we need to keep ourselves safe. You do not believe in competing… you just want to play. That said, you have a hard time with FUN, because well.. you’re so damn deep. You struggle with spontaneity but secretly wish you would feel more comfortable when someone asks you to do something out of the blue. These sessions are for DEEP SWIMMERS ONLY. We are going to FREEDIVE down to the abyss. And fast. I have a tether and extra oxygen in case of emergency… but this is not a “Go gently into the night” Kinda session. You want DEEP, you got it.


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