Swimming in the Deep End

“There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.”
~Adrienne Rich

Tell me…

What was an experience that shaped who you are today?

Like, right now, as you read this?

I want to know.

You probably could come up with twelve right now.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.

You. // Me. // The lady checking out your groceries. // The cop who last stopped you. // The friend who always wants to give you advice when you just need a shoulder to cry on. // The successful entrepreneur who looks like they have all their shit together. // The people you see on TV and social media, both politicians and celebrities alike. // And, yes, even your parents and spouse.

We are all going through something.

I know it’s so hard to see sometimes; when our teachers are coming down on us, our boss is constantly telling us what we need to “improve“… and the ends just keep not meeting up. We have all been at a place where we just need to take a break from the to-do lists, the “You-should-do-this” lists… and have a moment of silence. A moment to sit quietly and have someone just hold our hand.

You deserve a moment to:

…give yourself a break.

…cut yourself some slack.

…sit still.

…remind yourself that no one is perfect.

…know that you are doing your best and so is everyone around you. *I know, this can definitely be hard to see*

I am here to see you

You’re ready to start moving forward. That’s where I come in.

When you hire me as your person to walk through this with you, it is important that you know there will be no You Should’s or Why don’t you’s. I am a when you are ready kind of coach. We all have experienced the #toughlove approach, and for most of us that doesn’t yield much motivation to take action but has almost the opposite effect.


Only after you can feel that I SEE YOU, will you then feel SAFE to take action. It’s the moving forward part that will change everything. But you won’t believe me until you experience it for yourself.

We are the same. You and me.

Seeking and reaching out for the same things, underneath all the minutia…TO BE SEEN. Whether you are 12 or 52, you (and all of us) want a symbolic mother figure in your life.

We all want someone. You want someone.

To be there to hold you when you do not know what to do.

Just because we add another year to our age doesn’t mean we don’t ache for the same things that we did as a child:

to be understood // to have someone sit with us as we cry // for someone to put a band aid on when we are hurting

But as “adults” we have to put on our own band aids. We have to find our own ways of supporting ourselves.

I am here to sit with you. I am here to see you.

I am here to show you you are seen.

That is my job. It has been my calling since I was six years old.

Working Together: The Details!

I ask for a 3-month commitment from those that I’m meant to work with.  Because it takes that long for YOU to see forward moment. To feel SAFE with me. To feel comfortable letting your hair down.

Like a seed, it takes a while to take root and begin to grow.


Two sessions per month/every other week (approximately 60-90 minutes long)

We can meet via Skype or Zoom remotely, or if you are local in the Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA area we can coordinate a meet up.
*travel details to be coordinated in advance


Being a chatty Cathy, You will get a whole bunch of support from me. I want to know how you’re doing, WHEN you are hitting a wall (it WILL happen, I assure you), and what I can to to hold your hand throught it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 


Once we agree to our commitment to each other, I send you a journal to keep your notes in.

I cannot wait to show you how beautiful your journal is!

A SAFE PLACEOthe weeks in between our  

I want you to know YOU ARE SAFE with me. I know this shit is scary. I know there WILL be times when you don’t want to do it but YOU KNOW LIKE I KNOW that NOW IS THE TIME for us to get to work doing what we came here to do. NOW IS THE TIME. 

Our three month commitment together starts at $1350.

*monthly installment plans available. Message me. 
**A single 90 minute session is REQUIRED before committing
to three months to make sure it’s the right fit.

If you’re ready – really ready for us to dive in, schedule yourself below,
pay for your single session and in the notes tell me:

What is it that you are aching to say or do but feel too afraid or not safe enough to take action?

Be kind.

Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
~ John Watson

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