Hi, I’m Kerilyn!

Dive on in and let’s get to know each other.

Who am I?

Good question. I am lots of things. As I think about what you would want to know about me, a list of factoids begins to appear:

NOTE: This list is NOT in order of importance.  All of these things are equally valuable to me. 

  • You pronounce my name as if you were saying two words Keri and lyn, just together – Kerilyn!
  • If I am only going to engage with you once or twice, I’m going to introduce myself as KERI but if we are going to be friends for life… I WOULD PREFER YOU CALL ME KERILYN. *My family and close friends get to call me KER.
  • I was born in New York City (Brooklyn), lived in Queens (Queens Village). Moved to New Jersey (Hamilton Square) when I was 6 and Washington, NJ (Warren County)  when I was 11, graduated from High School there.
  • I am a Chatty Cathy. It’s important you know this.
  • I am not ashamed to admit I have a bit of a potty mouth. *Consider yourself warned, everything in moderation, right? Wink Wink.
  • My favorite music is REGGAE but I really appreciate most music. (Hard core rap and Heavy Metal are not my bag)
  • I am obsessed with what’s underneath the surface of life. The DEEP END. I struggle with the shallows.
  • *I FUCKING LOVE GLITTER. You must know this about me. *I do understand the environmental impact of it, Conflicted about it. 
  • I am a student AND a teacher; unable to be one without the other.
  • I do NOT believe in the belief that “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” EVERYTHING is personal at the end of the day.
  • I still have my childhood stuffed animal. A gray mouse called Mindy. She’s currently sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. 
  • I am not an expert and do not want to be seen as one. I am not perfect. I do not have all the answers. My mantra (and the name of this website) is Ancora Imparo, or I am still learning, which means I do not remotely think I know everything. No pedestals allowed here please.
  • That said, I do work hard to find out what works FOR ME. I am a student. I get excited to learn and share what I’m learning. (hint: it’s why I am a teacher) *Can you tell this is a sensitive subject for me?
  • I am a New Year’s Eve baby. A Capricorn. I LOVE my birthday. I think it’s the best day of the year to be born.  I wrote a blog post about it – SEE HERE.
  • SEE HERE I am a mama. On October 30th, 2013, my (soon to be ex) husband and I welcomed our son, Leonardo (but you can call him Leo) into our family. He is honestly one of the top three best things that’s ever happened to me. *I’ve had a pretty blessed life when I really look at it.
  • I am a devoted student of A Course in Miracles, a philosophy based on RADICAL forgiveness. While learning to live in the world, not of the world. I believe in energy, reincarnation and meditation. Love is who we are. It’s our journey to remember that.
  • I am a Highly Sensitive Person, moved quite easily by things that evoke emotion. I can get overstimulated quite easily (crowds) and need quiet to decompress regularly.
  • I am new to learning that I have strong codependent tendencies (as an empath/sensitive) with energetic ties to narcissists. Still knee deep in this lesson/healing.
  • I have a STRONG PULL to living in Italy. I’ve had this pull/obsession since I was 6. My maternal grandfather was born in Italy. I went once when I was 14 with my school (It was bittersweet because my grandfather passed away the year before and we had plans, he and I, to go to Italy together before he got sick. 
  • I have been married to my husband Peter for eight years, together for almost 20. Check this out – The Washington Post featured our wedding.  Kerilyn and Peter Russo Wedding!  (UPDATE OCTOBER 2017 – I am still processing the shock and heartache that my husband and I will soon be divorcing.) I am not ready to talk about it so for now, please let me unfold this as I heal. Thank you for your respect.
  • My soon to be ex husband is a chef, therefore I have been a #chefwife *Before you get excited, read this.
  • Because of point above, in 2011 I created a support system for significant others in the restaurant industry, check out Married to a Chef.
  • I am obsessed with the works of Brene Brown and Byron Katie. I would love to work with these ladies somehow, someday. #bucketlist
  • I am a Certified Professional Life Coach; certified in July 2011 by iPEC Coaching.
  • I am an Interior Designer by trade (graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, 1999) and have been working in the industry since graduating (working as a Herman Miller dealership designer from 2006-2016) – Design is NOT my passion although I’ve learned and experienced a lot, doing it. #nothingiswasted
  • I am an Amateur Greeting Card Designer.  I love making my Benchmark cards and love when people receive them even more! I would LOVE to make this a larger part of my mission here at Ancora.
  • I am absolutely a planner by nature (not one who takes to acts of spontaneity very well – working on that)
  • I have experienced being raped twice in college. While I do not wish that on anyone (sadly it happens every 60 seconds) I have learned SO MUCH from it and can say I have most likely called it in to myself to grow.
  • Some of my few favorite movies – The Cell, Amelie, When Dreams my Come, Garden State, I heart Huckabees – SO many more. *If you want to know more, ask. 
  • I AM AFRAID OF THE DARK, DO NOT LIKE SCARY MOVIES, AND TERRIFIED OF TURBULENCE WHILE FLYING. *oh and most bugs/ and all spiders. Read: I don’t like being out of control. (working on this through TRUST and surrender.)
  • I’m a city girl at heart (with a love for the South as well)
  • I am a creature of habit. I need routine to feel grounded. I can (and do) enjoy eating and doing the same thing, over and over.
  • I am a tall drink of water (6′ to be exact)
  • I am absolutely one of those people who feels like I have to do something meaningful with my life. A life (and a career) with purpose is my mission. Usually, that leaves me feeling restless and a bit daydream-y. (A wistful dreamer I call myself)
  • I have bohemian and hippie-like tendencies, mixed in with a handful of sophisticated and elegant old-fashioned values.
  • I cannot tell you what my favorite food is – I have so many favorites! (Indian/Thai/Pho/breakfast/Mom’s meatloaf, chili, the list goes on!)
  • As I have become a mother, I have become a bit of a neat freak. *Little OCD to be honest with you. To use a restaurant term I say, “mise en place” which means everything in it’s place. Neat… not clean. Floors definitely could use a washing. ha. 

There are many things that I am. They seem to change from day to day, month to month, and year to year. I have many aspirations in my life and am trying to work on bringing them to life; one at a time.

With all this said…at the end of the day you want to know who I really am? Honestly?


I have the same desires, at the core, that you do. Underneath it all.

I have the same fears as you do too.
Not living my purpose. // Not fulfilling my dreams. // Not being heard and seen.

The voice that I listen to, focus on… the desires or the fears… is the voice which speaks the loudest and in turn is what I see in my life. It is my mission to help both of us choose to focus on the voice that helps us feel at ease in our lives instead of in constant stress.

Won’t you join me?

Ancora Imparo means {39c06c50c3d445686fc517e0196064c65620ea69bd5ebb6ed38a073dc1e70ff8}22I am still learning.{39c06c50c3d445686fc517e0196064c65620ea69bd5ebb6ed38a073dc1e70ff8}22

That is what it’s all about. Learning. We never stop learning… through our greatest triumphs, and our greatest challenges. That is the reason why we are all here, to find out who we REALLY are.

I really want to know. What are you TRULY afraid of?

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