What are you afraid of?

Hi, I’m Kerilyn. I’m a dreamer. A mama. A student & a teacher.
A certified life coach. And I’m here to talk about fear.

I really want to know. What are you TRULY afraid of?

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Welcome, welcome!

I’m so glad you’re here! Gosh, SO much has changed since I first launched Ancora over ten years ago as my personal little space on the web. Now I’m a life coach, a mama and, whew, SO much more self aware than I once was. *And, it’s also true what they say that as you enter your 40’s, you really start to know who you ARE and what you want without exception.* I made this perfectly imperfect video as a howdy-doo to my vibe and what this refresh of Ancora Imparo is all about. Enjoy!
Freedive Sessions


I See You Sessions

“Kerilyn is who I reach out to when I want to feel seen and heard.  She is the one I go to when I am done listening to the people who are just telling me what I want to hear and I am ready to be challenged by what I need to hear.  She swims deep with me and is not afraid of the darkness of the depths.”

Laura Hall
“While traditional therapy would have looked backwards to see how I got to where I was, working with a life coach allowed me to look and move forward towards my goals. Kerilyn helped me shift my thinking, taking small actionable steps to help me live the life I wanted to. She was by my side when I needed to address why I wasn’t moving forward, what we could change, and celebrate in my successes. She played an integral role in my coming out of a dark place, and I will be forever grateful for that.”

Kat Sheff, Mama and Creator of BohoCottage
“Our call left me with a page of notes. Insights. Actions. Questions. It left me aching for a hug or at least a warm blanket because of how exposed I felt. We joked that the process was like peeling an onion. The answers and insights I needed are in there, but the layers sting an itch when they’re being peeled back. My toes tap and my shoulders wriggle in anxious discomfort. There’s that naked, vulnerable feeling. And most of the peeling is done by me.”

Karo K

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