Giving Thanks

As we come to another Thanksgiving… it makes me want to share what I am grateful for this 2011 Holiday Season. This year has been an interesting ride, and it’s not over yet. I want to THANK YOU for being a part of my life. I am so overly grateful for the awareness that I am still growing, still learning and that Thank Goodness – I am not done evolving!

5 people I am ESPECIALLY grateful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. My husband. Hands down. We have been through SO MUCH since reconnecting in 2008. He is my partner. In the good times, and the not so good. I am absolutely 100% SO MUCH MYSELF with him. I am the best me with him, and I am the worst me with him (and yet he still loves me). I could not IMAGINE being where I am today without his love and support. I am hopeful that this next year, our family will grow, and we will continue to grow stronger as a couple.
  2. My Auntie. She is the person I go to when I don’t think anyone else understands. Of shared faith and family, I feel so grateful she is just a phone call away.
  3. Laura Hall – A fellow coach, she “saw” me during one of my 3 day coach training weekends, in a way that made me feel so vulnerable yet SO relieved, a fellow ‘Searcher’, she helps me become a better me. I think it still hasn’t hit me that I’m NOT letting go of this one… I honestly think she is going to seriously help change my life.
  4. ChaChanna Simpson – Another coach & for a time, my accountability partner. I am SO grateful for the gentle push that I received from her to help me do all I needed to become certified. I wouldn’t have gotten it done as quickly if it weren’t for her.
  5. Kyra Dosch-Klemer – Not in my WILDEST DREAMS could I have imagined my idea for a website, a support system for Significant Others in the Restaurant Industry to be as beautiful and as functional as Married to a Chef has become. She continues to add to it, to make it even better. I am SO grateful for the masterpiece she has created.

4 events this year, that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. As of July 8th, I am officially a CERTIFIED life coach! It was a lot of intensive work but TOTALLY worth it.  It comes pretty darn lose to the dream I had when I was 6 years old. Being able to help other people ‘feel heard’. It’s truly an amazing feeling.  *BONUS: Beginning my practice with paying clients!!!
  2. Launching Married to a Chef, ON 5pm on Valentines Day, with a kick off article in The Washington Post.  Simply Amazing.
  3. That we moved to a bigger, much brighter place this year,an awesome kitchen, our own office, full size laundry, and a spare bedroom so we can comfortably have more family/friends visit us.  I also discovered that while I am not one for the suburbs while living in DC (boring), I do like having the space to move around.
  4. Being able to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday with his cousin (who also turned 40) , at their place in Pennsylvania. Great friends and family. It was a wonderful day. 🙂

3 things I am looking forward to:

  1. I am SO excited!!! This year we will NOT be traveling this Christmas! Peters family is traveling to US this year! Oh my goodness… Christmas with BOTH our families together! It’s a dream come true!
  2. The weekend of January 20-22, Peter and I are making our way to NYC for the weekend, to meet up with the NYC Significant Others for Married to a Chef, we’re going to dinner with Peters family Friday nite and I’m trying to coordinate brunch on Sunday with my family! We’re staying in this cool cool hotel in Midtown Manhattan. I LOVE the city and I am giddy like a school girl to be up there a few days!
  3. I have NO idea how long it’s going to take, but I am looking forward to the day that I look down and see  a positive result on a pregnancy test. I feel SO ready to be a mom. My biological clock alarm is ringing very loudly in my ear, and I am SO excited for that day when I scream, call Peter and tell him ‘We did it!”

2 goals I intend to be grateful for achieving:

  1. Reconnecting with my physical health again. Losing weight by eating more healthfully and finding a new way to exercise (thinking Zumba, belly dancing, Burlesque).
  2. Have few goals for Married to a Chef/Coaching – running my first group coaching session, creating a 30 day program (30 Days of Dares/Note to Self project), begin to plan a Married to a Chef US Tour (I want to visit other areas of the country to coordinate other halves together) *hopefully at some point next year I’ll grow my clientele enough so I can change my 9-5 status, at least go part time, so I can work on my OWN dreams.

1 thing I have not been able to get off my mind:

  1. Moving to Charleston,SC. I have NO idea EXACTLY when the stars are going to align and we’ll be ready to pack our bags but I am SO SO ready for a fresh start. A planned change. I want the slower pace, the weather, and the southern charm that I’ve missed so much.

Wherever you are, whomever your celebrating with, find one moment and SAVOR IT. Thanksgiving Day 2011 will soon be a distant memory, how do you want to remember it?

Much love,


The year of the cowboy

From Jen at Bits of Truth

When I read this I let out a great big laugh. Not because it was funny (well it is funny in it’s delivery)  but because this speaks to how I see 2011. (*)

I am declaring this…. (now that I am more comfortable making declarations thanks to Jess and Michelle (and Pierre François Frédéric of course) over at The Declaration of You e-course I took in the fall. Thank you Ladeez and all the Declaration Debutantes that went on the ride with me!!!)

My visual for this declaration looks like me as a cowboy herding a pack of horses , directing this years events with ease. Not forcing it, fighting it,  or being mean to it…  inflicting pain.. just lovingly directing it, moving with it in the direction I want to go. Yee Haw.

Here’s the catch. I am both the horse and the cowboy. The past year (shoot most/all of my life) my thoughts have been like the wild horse… powerful (especially when in a group of negative thoughts), uncontrolled, without rest, correct nutrition, wandering aimlessly, continuously running in an attempt to find…. something. (What exactly I don’t know) It has caused me to sabotage myself so many times, in the decisions I make about my physical body, my relationships, and my overall mental state. I am running (I call it churning) churning churning churning in my head like those wild horses. Allowing it to have all the power and creating fear and causing destruction with whomever and whatever it comes into contact with.

Here’s where I give myself some credit; I have made some powerful, life altering decisions over the past two and half years. Without worry for their outcome. Those decisions were made in power and unyielding faith but I have not been able to sustain those moments in the long term. Well this year I declare will be the year where I conjure up my inner cowboy… herding my thoughts into the direction that will yield the greatest results.

My two guns (Cowboys gotta carry guns, eh?) or TOOLS/WORDS that will help me in this exploration are called

Why these two?

Because 1. I have realized that I took ALL of 2010 off of keeping up with Self Care. That means 365+ days of not exercising, eating healthier, doing the things that make me feel “so much myself” (like wearing contacts vs. glasses, shopping for clothes/shoes, wearing makeup, meditation, reading, being in the sun, working on my cards…. all these things (not just one or two) Even the two things I really enjoy doing for myself (getting my nails done and eyebrows waxed) I wasn’t as regular about doing this past year.  Kinda like “hey ya’ll.. we’ve decided w’ere  going to shut down the plant for one whole year!” What?  Thats one whole year of dust collected in the crevices, and malfunctioning systems that need to be serviced and maintained in order to get back up and running! When my self care priorities are higher on my list, (like they were before I lost my job/got married in 2009) I was happier IN GENERAL. I wasn’t churning churning churning in my brain/thoughts three quarters (3/4)  as much as I do now…. (we’re reigning in the horsies people!!!)

and 2. Because I realize that I do not play enough/Live with abandonment that I am unable to be fully present in the moment.  What am I abandoning? My friggin churning thoughts! The worry, the constant being fearful of the future…of not being successful… I probably have never had PLAY high enough on my life list. I’ve always been overly cautious. “Be serious!” Having to think it through before I do anything… This year I DECLARE to dramatically reduce my “Swimming in the Deep End” conversations with my friends, and allowing myself to be more childlike… to PLAY MORE.  (anyone want to join me? I mean it.)

The numbero uno way that I will allow myself to play more in my life is to DANCE. I LOVE DANCING. I want to GO dancing more this year, and do things that involve dancing and moving my body. When I’m dancing… listening to a good beat, or hearing words that inspire me.. I’M NOT CHURNING!!! This year I declare I will DANCE! *I asked Peter for belly dancing classes for my birthday… (permagrin)

So there it is folks…. I DECLARE 2011 WILL be my bitch. The cowboy in me is determined to reign in on these churning thoughts… and ALLOW myself the space to ENJOY my life instead of just living it.

I wish you all a Happy Holiday! Whatever you do, wherever you are… I am grateful you are on my bus, comfortable visiting Kerilynland from time to time… and I wish you many belly laughs over the next few weeks!!! *think of me when you’re in the midst of one, eh?

Much Love,

*Thank you, Jen darlin for spilling your wonderful quotes/visuals. I LOVE that I can use them in my blog!!*

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