Benchmark Cards

How Benchmarks came about

It truly was not my original intention for my cards to be sold, but obviously my cards had bigger plans for themselves. I started them during a bout of unemployment after my third lay-off due to the economy) as a way to work through my confusion. My girlfriend Kyra said “Stay Creative” so… I did 10 cards… 10 of the “I know… you feel alone” cards. I left them on my coffee table for months until one of my friends noticed them. I had NO idea that they would be so well received!

I really enjoy spending the time making them..I and enjoy even more the look on someones face when they look at me as if to say… “THIS IS ME” or “THIS IS MY FRIEND.” Touching someone else means more to me than any money could provide. Life is about change and much has changed in my life, including the ebb and flow of my attention to my cards. Through the years, I have always worked to bring them to the forefront of my life, but I think they are happy to reside along side me, as they are discovered by those needing to find them.

I hope these cards touch you or someone you care about.

So Much Myself

You Feel Alone

I Saw This Book

There is a Baby

That Dream of Yours

Some Moons Ago

I Would Be Lying

Kindred Spirits

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