Saturday Night Live has a GREAT skit called Really??I love it. It makes light (and makes fun) of our stuff. I tend so say that a lot when I am upset with something…  Like when someone cuts me off when I’m going to work.. REALLY? Or.. if something is overpriced? Really? 57.00 for a cotton T-Shirt? Really? Well hopefully you get my point…

I had a mind blowing A-HA moment at my first 3 Day Life Coaching Weekend.  Exposed a wall that I didn’t even know was there. I was planning on sharing it.. as it’s totally shifted my perceptions of what I believed my friends and family see when they look at me and more importantly… How I have adapted myself based on what they saw… whether I understood and agreed with it or not. After this wall was exposed.. I have been constantly thinking about it, asking friends questions and asking God/Universe/myself for guidance on how I will decide to live my life now that I see it.

And because I believe in ‘As you think so shall you be’ it came to NO surprise (alright I was sucker punched at first but then realized I have been asking for this)  that this past week when someone in my life shared their feelings; sharing the EXACT perception that I have protected myself against most of my life… exposing the wall that was brought to my attention a short while ago.  I absolutely respect their feelings as their OWN.. and choose to agree to disagree with their thoughts.

One of the things they mentioned was my over sharing in this blog. As this is NOT the first time someone has brought this subject to the contrary it’s been mentioned quite a few times.  It bumped up against the wall in which I have recently become aware of… and now that I see it, paired with my continuing quest to NOT accept less than I deserve, I figured I’d address the subject of my blog again.

So… here we are and here is my response.


Really? Do you even know how many individual websites/blogs/vlogs/podcasts are launched everyday so individuals can share their own feelings and beliefs?  Based on this singular resource (of which I’m sure there are many more) there are approximately 175,000 Blogs created each day.  That’s 175,000 people who WANT TO SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES, RESEARCH, FEELINGS AND BELIEFS!! Really?

and Really? Isn’t it true that we live in America? Where there is freedom of speech? This is a yes or no question. Really?

And Really… Really there are newspapers and tabloids of SO MANY different topics where people come together to share and hard copy their own beliefs. Where people are then able CHOOSE to read and agree or disagree with their philosophies.  Really? Really? Have you gone to your local supermarket today? really.

Oh and Really? Really do you pay for accessing most individual websites/blogs/resources of information or are these out there for ALL OF US to make CHOICES whether we view and use them nor not? Really?

Really… isn’t there anything in your life that you stand for, live by and wish people understood that you feel they currently don’t?  Is there a time when you wish you had a voice, helping others understand who you really are – If they really knew you? (Side note: MTV created a show called IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME – because most of us keep their feelings to THEMSELVES!!)

And Really? I don’t even know what the statistics are on

  1. the amount of people on anti-depressants
  2. people who have thought of suicide
  3. who feel misunderstood and alone

but if I had to guess I would say it’s ALOT! And perhaps the reasons why said people are the way they are is:

  1. they feel others do not care how they really feel or
  2. they never were told it’s okay to be who you ARE!!! REALLY??????

So I say Really? If you are someone who really doesn’t like what you read here.. DON’T READ IT!! Be my guest and unsubscribe or do not click on the link to this site!!! This is my own site.. MY OWN WEBSITE.. my own little place where I can share (or over share if I wish) my feelings. ~~~ IF YOU DON’T LIKE THIS.. LEAVE.~~~ You are NOT being forced to read this but IF YOU DO… Please do not tell me how this is all about me (uh Really? REALLY?) accept this is my own space and I am allowed to share as much or as little as I want.  In NO way do I think I have it all figured out.. to the contrary – that’s why I write to express that I AM STILL LEARNING (Really? Do you even know what my website name means???)  and I want my blog to be a place where I am able to share what I learn!!

Are we clear? I am DONE trying to avoid bumping into someone ELSES stuff just because I know that we all have our ‘stuff’. I’ll deal with my stuff MY WAY…. you deal with yours your OWN way.

How bout that for over sharing?

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